Sorry for delay, on vacations here!

HEY is it not too late to ask about if you're going to release that dialogue box code? XD

By any chance?

Sure mate, here you go: Dialog.hx


dialog = new Dialog(true);

And when you want to pop up the dialog use, for example:

dialog.start("char1Hi there! This is all a filler. See? You can fit a lot of words in this box. Pretty neat, huh?#Another line, same character#char2If you choose not to decide, you still made a choice.#Do you understand?#char1What are you saying?#char2player_name is watching us. KILL THEM ALL!");

Things to know:

Lines are separated by "#" by using "char1" or "char2" you change the avatar to set who's speaking. At the moment supports the robot and main character. There's two options for the dialog. Big or... not big. The big one is the one at the bottom. When isn't big, is a small speech balloon that follows the character. For assets, grab them from the demo, but please replace them before publishing your game. If the dialog line contains "player_name" it would be replaced by the Windows user name. There are some unfinished features. The mouths of the characters should be animated according to emotions (if a ":)" is present, character should smile, etc) and dialogs support triggers, to chain other dialogs or activate some event in your game.

That's it, I forgot a thing or two, probably. Enjoy!

For game updates, feel free to check our page at and for the change log, check here. I post just that, I should be going back here to do updates but was very busy on the game!