Well, it's been a long long long time since I wrote things here. I believe a video is worth a thousand of images!

You can find more frequent dev log updates here: https://setentia-studios.itch.io/super-cute-alien/devlog -- but they are not so technical or design related, more like a change log.

In other related news, we've been working on day and night to try to get a build as polished as possible to go over big platforms, such as Steam. Idea is to gather player feedback, mostly, for the multiplayer aspect. Campaign content while is being worked on, it will be behind doors.

Game is now free to play for a bit, so people can get a taste of what's coming, specially for the campaign. Mind you: is still WIP, but we working on that.

Not much else to say, because as the game grew in size, grew also team-wise. That's good, but there's always something to do, or something to manage, 24/7. That's game dev for you. I just thought I can pop out from the shadows and post some progress :D

Ok, back I go to finish this game out. Thanks for checking this out!