I <3 @PXshadowHF


We entered the freeGalaktus contest, by some sort of an accident. So, well, we all been pulling our hairs out to get a decent video and a build.
You can check our freeGalaktus profile here and vote here. If we win, we would gain 2 months of exposure... or something?

Here's the video for the entry, with lots of new features:

We gonna another betatesting round soon, so please check your emails. You can sign up here Google form to access Beta if you'd like to help us polish this little game.

We found out about CodeXL, a free great tool to profile your .exe and find bottlenecks. The good thing about it, is that you don't need to tweak your code at all. Just compile in debug mode, attach to your process and bingo!

We preparing yet another build for a betatesting and soft launch over at itch.io. This will have more fancy features, such as Loot (random items, random rarity, masks for multiplayer as well):

(yes, inspired in Borderlands) - Next feature will be some sort of Dying Light's 'freaks of nature' Basically "larger, stronger, and more deadly versions of their smaller equivalents"

And that's it for now.

PS: We made a Twitter, because we have to twit things, apparently. So, here's the thingy @SUPERCuteAlien (please make sure to be sit and be amazed at the amounts of followers we have.)