I love you

  • I'm making a game with haxe, I've recently stumbled in haxeflixel.. it's perfect, no other ways to put it. It makes your life easier.
    I'm amazed how you can do things so easily with fixel libraries.
    I love it, I love everyone right now, thank you for existing.
    Just wanted to tell this.
    Thank you devs.

  • I love it too :D

  • Well, same words and feeling here :two_hearts: .

    Without having to resort to Unity, XNA or Cocos2D (which need some long learning and things that are framework specific) you are pretty much screwed, as there aren't much libraries that are this friendly and free, like HaxeFlixel. The good thing about it, is how what you learn carries over to other languages, and also, what you already know from your days from AS3 and Flash, can be easily used here.

    Prototyping is absolutely fast and they managed to do a great work on documentation, and covering all aspects that are game oriented. My only complain, (but this comes from someone saw how HaxeFlixel evolved through the years) was the code breaking changes. But this isn't a problem for people today and problably won't be anymore, since the library now is mature enough to cope with anything.

    Anyone can help back by contributing or donating! If you have no money or patience for bug solve, the forums are also, a great place to help people in need.

    So, thanks to everyone that makes Haxeflixel possible, you rock! :bow_tone1:

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