error in animation in reverse() [Closed]

  • I really not usre were report this so if someone know please tell me.
    when play a NO LOOPING animation with "reverse()" or "play()" with the paramether "reversed=true", this don't stop in the frame zero, i not sure if continue goig down(I doutb it does) of simple go one more than i shoulg(frame -1). I used a flxAtlasFrames to load sprites(I noted the error because at finish the animation was show the first frame in the atlas).

  • Interesting issue. Would you be able to share some code, please? It's difficult to visualise what is causing the problem.

  • Literally i only call animation.reverse("animation name") and nothing more, i think the function have a error instead of stop in the 0 frame stop on the -1 frame,(because the flag animation.finished work correctly and that don't trigger if you use a loop animation), I mostly sure, the problem in the engine and not in my code. My suposition is they never try using reverse with a animation load from a spritesheet(and that animation don't start in the first frame).

    I fixed it simply used the function AddByNames, and set another animation with the inverse order.
    I set loop in param in false of the animation, because at the animation end trigger a callback.

    I simply want to report it to the one in charge of the engine. I should put this in the git page?

  • Ah cool, in that case, yes I think the GitHub issues section would be the best place to raise this.

    I'm not sure if you've checked out the HaxeFlixel channel In the Haxe Discord server, I personally haven't used the animation.reverse() method before but maybe someone in there has and will be able to answer your question.

    It is much more active than the HaxeFlixel forums by the way :)

  • ok, thanks.

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