Spam bots running rampant

  • Things are getting pretty out of hand, quickly. I see one of them (marysmith) was banned this past month, so I assume there are mods/admins here that are active. I don't know who the mods are but I want to start a discussion about the future of this forum.

    I recommend Richard Bray be upgraded to Mod status, since he's pretty active here and seems to not be a robot. Also, we may want to consider some bot protection, perhaps a captcha at signup (recommended by lorb)

    TBH I forget this forum exists, and will hopefully start checking more frequently, but perhaps we should have a bot that posts new threads in the Haxe Discord's #flixel channel? This forum is likely a front-line way of helping haxeflixel newcomers, and it seems neglected. Fixing it up could improve onboarding to our fabulous, welcoming community

  • @Geokureli I am now an admin 👏 🎉
    So if you spot any spammers I'll delete their threads and ban them 🙅🏿‍♂️ ⛔️

  • Congrats on the promotion, Richard!

    boy will I look like a fool if you end up being a robot...

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