Any way to protect game assets other than embed="true"?

  • I read the FAQs and was wondering if there are other ways to protect the game's asset aside from setting embed="true"? The reason is because if there are updates to the game, the users shouldn't need to re-download the whole thing aside from just the files that got updated, to me at least.

  • I don't quite understand what you're trying to achieve, but I stumbled upon a GitHub Library the other day, and it might prove useful:
    (It's probably a bit outdated.)

    This library contains some useful classes - for handling external assets. It's designed for:
    Loading Assets without using openfl.Assets class. This allows you to use assets without embedding them.
    Use external assets from web or local storage.
    Downloading/Saving assets from web.
    Reusing assets from pre-downloaded content without needing to connect to internet.
    Cross-Platform asset management system with very simple load/unload calls.
    Simplified, id based, delivering of assets.

  • @NaxeCode What I'm trying to achieve is to simply have the assets on the same folder as the game (Windows) while still protecting it substantially so the users still won't directly be able to view/copy the files. I think what I'm looking for is a way to encrypt/obfuscate the assets while still keeping them outside and not embedded into the main executable file.

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