How to Tween the position of Sprite inside SpriteGroup?

  • So I want tween a sprite so it moves up 100 px from where it was:
    FlxTween.tween(card, {x: card.x, y: card.y + 100}, 0.1)

    But card is inside an FlxSpriteGroup. So when I access the x and y, it is local coordinates. But the tween moves the card to absolute coordinates. How can I achieve my expected behavior? This could be solved easily if I could get a sprite's absolute coordinates when its inside a sprite group.

    EDIT: Well, I think I solved it as long as you are calling code inside the FlxSpriteGroup you're working in. You can get the group's global position with this.getPosition(), even if that group is also in another group. Then you can add that to your sprite's local position to get its global position.

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