Unresolved Identifier Error Won't Go Away

  • Hi all! I just picked up HaxeFlixel today and started the tutorial. I just got stuck with an unresolved error in MenuState.hx. No matter what I do I can't get rid of it. Here's my code: 0_1607390863826_acd04a63-078b-4b84-8404-675e63d640f8-image.png Any help would be appreciated!
    EDIT: I figured it out (I always find out what I'm doing wrong right after I ask about it, it's weird.) I put the clickPlay function in the create function. I just put it outside the create function and into the class function and it works now.

  • Yeah, good spot, clickPlay() was your issues. I guess anyone else who has this issue will be able to find this thread in the forums :)

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