Displaying a level made of tiles

  • Hi!
    I'm new to Flixel, but I've been a Haxe+Heaps user for years.

    I'm currently working on the HaxeFlixel dedicated API to display levels created in my level editor LDtk (https://ldtk.io).

    I have a FlxTileFrames containing the tile atlas used for this level, and a large bunch of tile IDs that refer to frames in this atlas. Now I want to display them in the most optimized way.

    • Right now I just create a ton of FlxSprite and add them to a FlxGroup, which sounds like something very awful (can you confirm?)
    • tiles are not necessarily aligned with the grid, so it seems I can't use FlxTileMap here, right?

    So how should I handle that? If you know HeapsIO framework, there's a h2d.TileGroup that handles that (a display object containing many tiles from a single atlas, each with a free x/y pixel coord). Is there any equivalent?

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