FlxSpriteUtil.fadein/out in bitmap text

  • I know someone's bound to post an alternative using FlxTween, but I found it heavier on performance and asynchronous with the title method.

    If you ask why I used bitmap text instead of regular text, it's due to forced antialiasing, regardless of font size.

    Menu Screenshot

    "Music" is FBT with fadeIn. "Sound" is FBT with FlxTween. Text below are FlxButton PNGs. The "palette" included not only shows that Music obviously isn't fading in just like the buttons, but also shows that FlxTween doesn't go well with fadeIn.

    FSU.fadeIO works as intended with FlxBar, FlxSprite, and FlxButton, but not with FlxBitmapText (initial alpha is 0, but executing the methods only bring it to alpha 1 instantly). Is there a way to solve this?

    EDIT: Apparently, even setting a FlxBitmapText instance's alpha to 0.01 will make said instance show fully opaque.

    EDIT2: Image added for clarification. I'm also using AngelCode bitmap font, since I couldn't get XNA to work.

    EDIT3: One day later, no response, no solution. Is this a bug?

    EDIT4: Inquired about this on GitHub, noted to be a bug. Gonna standby until further notice.

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