HaxeFlixel not working fully with current versions of some programs

  • I was having some issues compiling a game that were fixed by downgrading the version of Haxe I was using, but the compiled game is still buggy. I know it shouldn't be acting the way it is because I was compiling the source code of I game I've been playing for a while. What other programs will I need to downgrade, and to what version?

  • That's a really good question. Unfortunately, the latest project I have is using Haxe 4.1.2 with these versions of other tools.

    OpenFL 9.0.2
    Lime 7.8.0
    Flixel 4.8.1
    Flixel-addons 2.9.0

    Probably not the latest but hopefully a good starting point.

  • I'll makes sure to try these.

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