no such file or directory

  • I am just starting to develop nme haxe, currently using flashdevelop. I am having a problem while building a sample app (piratepig) on Android platform. Many "no such file or directory". When I choose windows, html5 or flash platforms everything seems fine.
    Does anyone know what might be wrong? I tried running the helloworld app in eclipse (so I can be sure it is haxe and nme related) but the helloword app works fine.

  • Hey Rebecca, unfortunately, I have very little experience with developing a Flixel game for Android but I'll try my best.

    Would it be possible to copy and paste the errors you are getting to this forum, please?

    I have a feeling the people on the Flixel discord channel will be more helpful ( so I'll probably ping them if I can't help.

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