Hi, im a junior where i can start to create games?

  • Hello, I am just starting in haxe flixel and I have already programmed and handled code in this case Arduino, although it does not have much to do I think I can start in this world of video game development, I would like to make video games or projects for nintendo switch,
    but where do i start? games can be made for nintendo switch? It should be noted that my native language is Spanish so there are words that I cannot understand clearly, that's why the bad translation sorry

  • Hey, @fabrizioXDY welcome to the HaxeFlixel community, it's good to have you on board.

    "but where do i start?"

    The getting started tutorial on the website is a great place to start. I think the more games you make the more comfortable you'll be with the Haxe syntax.

    You should also join the Flixel Discord channel if you can. The people on there answer questions really quickly.

    If you like Youtube you can check out some videos from Questionable Programming for Flixel, CRobes for Haxe, or my channel for both :)

    "games can be made for nintendo switch?"

    To answer your question, yes HaxeFlixel came can be made for the Swtich. I haven't personally done it before but I know there are people out there who have.

  • You can refer to a few simple game sites first, such as impostor - Role-playing multiplayer games are leading the trend to get more ideas

  • @alucca was impostor built with HaxeFlixel?

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