Why does my anti-virus say Haxeflixel is a threat?

  • While I was trying to download Friday Night Funkin', it would give me a message saying that it could be a threat to my computer, and it wouldn't let me play the game. Now, my dad thinks that the game is a virus, I would try to explain, but it never works. Can someone please explain why my anti-virus does this? I really want to play the mods, maybe make a game, and everything.

  • Hey @Nickccnt that's interesting, you're the second person to have this issue. I have a feeling maybe HaxeFlixel is an unpopular open-source game engine and therefore isn't recognised by the Windows antivirus software.

    Would it be possible to share a screenshot of the virus warning and let us know where you're downloading FNF from? Also, what anti-virus software are you using?

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