How do you expand FlxCamera?

  • So I was just playing around with the camera and came up with this:

       public static function setZoom(newZoom:Float) { = newZoom; FlxG.width / newZoom, cast FlxG.height / newZoom);; // center camera

    Don't know if this is the way to do it?

    Also: How to center a tilemap?
    Here's Pong resized using the function above (zoom = 0.5)
    The camera is following the ball and the scroll bound rect is set to the tilemap.
    alt text

  • How about following the tilemap instead of ball?

  • Didn't think of that but it doesn't solve the problem though.

  • What are you trying yo do exactly?

    Maybe it has something to do with scale modes.

  • Nevermind, I solved it by resize the scroll bound to the size of the camera and center it around the tilemap like this:

        public static function setZoom(newZoom:Float, tilemap:FlxTilemap) {
            var camera =;
            camera.zoom = newZoom;
            camera.setSize(cast FlxG.width / newZoom, cast FlxG.height / newZoom);
            var scrollBound = FlxRect.get(0, 0, camera.width, camera.height);
            camera.setScrollBoundsRect(scrollBound.x, scrollBound.y, scrollBound.width, scrollBound.height);

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