• NOTE: This devlog is a copy of its TIGSource counterpart. (link)

    This devlog has been a long time coming, so here it is. This devlog is for a game called Nukage, some sort of weird arcadey thing. Your goal in this magical adventure is to collect crates, punch coin people into water, and uncover a lost secret. Yes, this is quite the adventure with quite a story. (Though not much of the story will be uncovered in the game.) I've taken the liberty of recording a short 3 minute gameplay video for you to watch, so I don't have to record 50 gifs. I will also link high quality screenshots though, as the video is in poopy quality. Anyways, here's the images and such.

    Commentated Gameplay Video

    "High Quality" images

    Anyways, thanks for reading this tiny, tiny introduction post. It's a lot shorter than my last devlog's introduction. (You should check that devlog out too, since I actually finished that game. link)

  • We added a new enemy named Sneakymatt. He likes to hide under tiles, and can really mess you up.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • We added temporary items, isn't that neat?


  • We moved the devlog to our new and shiny Patreon page, so updates will be coming more quickly there. In other news, here's some gameplay (that's kinda outdated now) that we submitted for the HaxeFlixel IndieGoGo page. (Lars never added it to the showcase, which is a little disappointing) YouTube Video

  • Hey, sorry about that! Some things got lost in the shuffle. I can add it now!

  • It's a bit late now, but sure go ahead :thumbsup:

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