Download and play audio files from Server

  • Hi guys, I am trying to download an audio file from my server and play it. Sound simple (get it?).
    I have got it working find on neko, but I have a problem when I make an android version.

    when I try to write to the assets/music folder the app crashes. I think maybe its to do with the fact is compiled to an APK file and no longer sees this a an accessible folder. ??
    I have tried making a another folder, but crashes it as well.

    Does anyone have experience of this. Thanks Lee

    import sys.FileSystem;
    import Sys;
        var content : String = haxe.Http.requestUrl("");"assets/music/054377431-halloween.ogg", true).writeString(content);
        trace(content.length + " bytes downloaded");		

  • Didn't try it yet myself, but I read you have to sign apk with permissions, for example, in Project.xml:
    <android permission="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>

  • Yes, I already have this line in my project.XML, but still no luck.

  • Bump, Seems my help request is going cold, so I though I might add to see if anyone could help.

    As my game progresses I would like to get assets from my server to expand the game without having a massive APK file at the beginning . I have been trying various different ways for days now with no luck.

    This is how I imagined the In app purchasing to work, (or have I got this wrong?)
    If I cant download the file, then at least can I play it straight from the server?. Although this won't help me later when I need extra graphics.

    Please can someone help or point me in the right direction, This downloading would be essential to my game. Lee

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