Meteor Dave

  • Hi there,

    In Meteor Dave the player takes control of Dave. Dave's Fists have changed to Meteors and he needs to collect all meteor fragments to change his form back to normal.

    Play It here or here.

    Meteor Dave

    Meteor Dave is a 2d pixelart Jump and Run Game made in HaxeFlixel. It has been created for the #SummerPixelJam 2016 on within one weekend by @Laguna999 and @xXBloodyOrange.
    As an IDE I used FlashDevelop. Sounds have been created using Cubase and SFXR, graphics have been done in Aseprite.
    You can play it either with keyboard or with a gamepad.

    Some more screenshots

    Thank you for your interest! If you are interested in more games, please visit our website

  • Hey, I tried it out, here's my thoughts as I play it :)

    • Good use of tweens
    • Good sense of gravity
    • Sometimes, you can stand over tiles that have a transparent gap, likewise, you can collide with tiles that are bigger than the image they represent.
    • The punching should be faster
    • You can toggle tiles on/off, that's super cool
    • When player spawns, does a small jump?

    I stopped at level 6, since the collision issue didn't let me play properly. Game has good potential, but I'd focus now on game feel and polishing the controls :). Here's a good article about that.

    As for the tip #4 (Make it easy to jump over gaps), is rather easy to implement, but gives you incredible results:

    if (player_jump)//player pressed JUMP key
    if (velocity.y > 0 && velocity.y < 250)//most likely falling
    velocity.y = -_jumpPower;

    You can do a timer and check when was the last time the player was touching a surface, otherwise, you'd be able to jump mid-air (but since my game is quite jump-friendly, I stopped right there)

    Good luck!

  • Hi @Claudio-Ficara
    Thank you for playing and giving feedback. This is really helpful for me and I greatly appreciate it!

    The Idea was to create (and finish) a game in one weekend. But despite this time limitation, there will be more levels, more polishing and bugfixes, just because I like the game very much.

    Some remarks about your comments:

    • Yes, there is a jump, when the player spawns. This was inspired by Super Mario (remember the gameboy game, when Mario was coming out of a tube). Indeed, I should make it more obvoius for the player, that this is just some introductory element, and remove controls for this time -- I think in level 2 you can accidentaly jump into those spikes just at the beginning.
    • I will definitely work on the collision detection (within the weekend I did not manage to get the collision pixel perfect, as a FlxTileMap does not store sprites, which are needed for that. But I know how to fix that and it will be done at the end of the week.
    • Thank you also very much for the "11 tips..." link, I will incorporate some of them for polishing.
      I really like the idea to allow the player to jump also shortly after he has walked of a block.

    Again, thank you for the reply!


  • Heh, no problems, happy to help!

    If I were you, I'd avoid pixel perfect collision since is expensive and honestly, not sure how if that actually is implemented on HaxeFlixel. If not mistaken, there's pixel perfect overlap, not collision per se. There's Nape, a powerful physics engine, but it might be a bit too much.

    You will find useful to implement slopes. In your case, for that rounded terrain, you could use a few and player won't even notice.

    If you have any questions regarding platformin', let me know and I'll be happy to share the things I discovered :)

  • Hi,

    I fooled around with collisions a little bit. What does not work is the following: Using FlxG.overlap to check the rough boundary of a tile and if they overlap using pixelPerfectOverlap and then using FlxObject.separate. I think this is due to the fact, that separate just uses width and height. This will producs strange artifacts like the player slowly falling into a tile.

    I did not want to use nape. The FlxTilemapExt example did look nice, but was not quite what I wanted (at least at a quick glance).

    What does work very well is to create a separate collision layer. Each sprite then has its own collision area, which can be of individual size. I could not notice any decrease in performance.

    Once my feature wishlist is a little bit more complete, there will be a new version.

    Again, thank you very much for the feedback!

  • There is now an update available on gamejolt and

    It has a better collision detection (the method I described earlier) as well as some bugfixes and some other improvements like particles.

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