[JRPG] HEGEMONE PASS - Turn-Based RPG x Platformer

  • Beautiful art style. It's simplistic, but not too much to be lazy. ^^

  • Hey there! It's been a while! A lot of personal real life problems came about during these few months...

    Anyway, the main points are describes in the latest post on the website: check here. But down here is a quick summary of the last few changes to the core gameplay. I am actively developing content now.

    alt text
    Newer Timeline System: In battle, your action now comes in when the character reaches the end of the timeline. Your speed determines how fast you zoom across the timeline. Faster characters can sometimes go in front of other characters, and even perform two actions before a slower one can act! Also, since the speed stat can be modified by titles, you can also improve your speed or cripple the speed of your foes.

    alt text
    Additive Titles, Additive Flowers, Small Stat Numbers: It helps improve balancing. Now titles aren't giving % boosts, but rather, + boosts. Since the stats are way smaller, each extra point matters more now than ever.

    alt text
    Faster & Free Hegemone Pass Action: The power to switch leaders in battle has been improved for your team, as you can switch leaders at any time you act, without it wasting the turn! (Animation would need to be improved, btw, to use the old attack version of the HP).

    I'm back on track. So far, I have the level design prototypes of about 9 missions (about 1/3rd of the main missions).
    Now that the game is more content work, I can't wait to showcase more interesting things. I'm working hard to get the game to have enough usable footage to make a nice announcement trailer. I'll probably need to contract a composer for a single track for the trailer, though...

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