Anyone willing to help me port my flixel game to HaxeFlixel?

  • Hi,

    Title says it all. It will be profit sharing when I earn money from it.


  • I'm intrigued, what is the project and do you have screenshots/website.

    What size if the code base, and where do you see yourself coming unstuck, what experience do you already have in coding. (trying not to be nosy or insulting here just trying to get a grasp of what someone would be looking at if things werent created with SOLID principles or with Clean code in mind, (example no more than 20 lines per method, methods only doing one thing, classes having good cohesion)).

    Also what platforms are you targeting, if you are targetting android you/we may have to think about resizing art / converting sounds to different format etc which takes time.

  • Project is Rot Gut: which has been done in flixel and want to port it to HaxeFlixel to aim for iOS release.

    It is somewhat an old project of mine so is not that clean but it's a relatively simple codebase.

    Let me know what else do you want to know.

  • Will there be any contract or something?
    Is there any requirements about time or minimum age or something?

  • Hello, I would be totally interested and I may even have a better offer.

    You can reach me at ratalaika at ratalaika . com or at skype: ratalaika so we can talk more about it!


  • @ratalaika better offer?

  • @neal We are console porters as well so I could make his game run on consoles as well as a 3DS or a PS4.

  • I would have a chat with @ratalaika dudes have done some cool stuff.

  • @joff very cool, the game on youtube looks great best of luck

  • I'm very interested! Here's my portfolio: fouramgames[dot]com. I tried your game a long time ago on the flixel forums, I'm definitely pretty hyped about this. :thumbsup_tone2:

  • @test84 I fully recommend @Ohmnivore ! I'm working with him at the moment and I'm very pleased with him and his HaxeFlixel / coding level.
    @joff Thank you very much ^^

  • @Ohmnivore said in Anyone willing to help me port my flixel game to HaxeFlixel?:


    Very cool portfolio there mate, loads of great stuff. I think the flxSpriter tool is something i could definitely use

  • @neal thanks! I haven't worked on FlxSpriter in a long while, but if you find bugs or have suggestions don't hesitate to tell me.

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