Derhier Elementar

  • Derhier Elementar

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    This was my very first game I finished. I made it in nearly 48h of work for a friend to his birthday. I thought we would only play it for 5 minutes and play then another game. But we played it for nearly the whole night and everybody touching it, was having fun. I put it up on but didn't make any promotion or something like that. So I only got a few downloads. But thats okay, because of the very cheap screenshots I wouldn't load such a game too! :P

    You have to be 3-4 Player to have fun and it only works with XBOX360 Controllers.

  • Here's a tip:
    Redesign your game to be more accessible.
    It would really help since most people game by them selves.
    not to mention the controllers,
    even I don't have one.
    I'd check it out if it supported keyboard.

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