From HaxeFlixel to consoles

  • Hello,

    I'm Ivan Hernandez I'm the PR of Ratalaika Games S.L., we are offering porting & publishing services to consoles.
    We work on rev-share basis so the port won't cost you anything.

    We are mainly focused on Nintendo 3DS and PS4 at the moment.

    So far we have worked with other companies porting & publishing their games, such as:

    • Plantera from VaragtP
    • League of Evil from WobblyWare
    • Blasting Agent from Axol Studio

    We have scheduled releases for those three from now to the end of the quarter.

    So we are looking for a game to port to consoles, mainly Nintendo 3DS and / or PS4 , If the game ain't on Steam we can release it there as well (like we will do with League of Evil).

    If you are interested, you can pitch you game to us in this email 'ratalaika at ratalaika . com' (Please only public materials or builds, we do not want code if you send us code we won't even open it!).

    You can find more info in our site:

    Also if you have any kind of doubt just feel free to ask!


  • Looks interesting. My goal is to get a HaxeFlixel game out on consoles some time in the future so I will bookmark this.

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