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    bug gone wild

  • That's a bug? This is coolest GIF I've seen so far in this devlog, to be honest.

    Oh wait... Or you meant that space worm?

  • @DleanJeans The bug is that there were too many xD but yeah, I think it looks awesome

  • New players will have to go through the painful process of hatching.

  • haha nice idea! :)

    I like the style of the game! :)

  • Announcing Super Gemini Bird!

    I've been joined by @thronecode to work on the game, which is now called Super Gemini Bird. The design goals remain the same, but he has lend me a hand with the art and is doing an amazing job. We're gonna go all in and try to make it into a commercial project, getting it on steam and such.

    I think this is a big step forward into getting the game to the next level and I'm very happy with where it's going! Hope you will like it too.

    our pixellated cast

    some gameplay

  • You will now get the help from a bunch of friends during your adventure.

    Placeholder graphics for now, obv.
    alt text

  • Super bad news. The artist abandoned the project for personal issues - nothing to do with me or his work in the project. So, moving forward I will be working on the project alone until I find an artist for hire and go from there.

    Wish me luck :)

  • Good luck!
    Looking at the last gif, I think it reminds me of Jazz Jackrabbit a little :-)

  • Very excited to show you guys some of the key art for Super Gemini Bird. Made by the talented Paola Tuazon (@paolatuazon)

    What do you guys think? Smiley

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