Cross Platform questions (iOS/3ds/wiiu/xboxone)

  • Hi, I'm new to HaxeFlixel having previously made my own 2D engines before. I installed everything on Windows including HaxeDevelop and saw that I could deploy to PC/Android but not iOS. Do you need to be running HaxeFlixel on a Mac to deploy to iOS?

    Also, I've seen a couple of games that have been released for 3DS using HaxeFlixel, and a couple of youtube videos of HaxeFlixel demos running on ps4 and XboxOne but can't find any information about it. I already have a nintendo developer account and I am an xboxone partner with devkit, how difficult is it to deploy to these consoles? Are weird steps needed to deploy to them? What are the near-future plans for cross-platform development/deploy?

    I have also used MadeWithMarmalade for my past games and I found them problematic in regards to supporting new iOS versions. Has HaxeFlixel got a good track record for keeping up to date with mobile platform updates?

    Sorry for all the questions, I am very interested in developing with HaxeFlixel but I am still slightly unsure, I've invested a lot of time into learning Unreal4 and I can't figure out which to choose for my future games. Thank you

    • You do need to build your project on a mac (or at least on a machine that runs OSX/macOS).
    • Everyone can have a Nintendo developer account nowadays :) devKits are expensive.
    • seems like the most mature way to publish on 3DS and PS4. The official way hasn't been made public yet: @larsiusprime should have more details, details that he probably can't disclose at the moment ;)
    • The official HaxeFlixel Native backend-chain (Hxcpp+Lime+OpenFL) has a good history of supporting new Native targets.
    • You can use Unreal4 with Haxe: If you want to make a 3D game, you can't use HaxeFlixel. There are some Haxe-based 3D-engine alternatives but it's not a straight-forward process like Unreal4/Unity. If you want to develop a cross-platform 2D game however, HaxeFlixel is really one of the best options available.

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