Fist's Elimination Tower - A single-screen platformer

  • The game mechanic looks very cool: Keep on rising. I think it is also a good positive reward for player when she completes the level succesfully. Art style is very nice too. Good luck! :)

  • I've made a number of visual changes since the version of the game I posted gifs of originally. For one, to make it obvious that you aren't supposed to touch the floor after jumping on an enemy, the whole floor sparks up with electricity, reserving the "red light" effect for when you get eliminated. Also, there are borders on the map (which I had to manually do, since the incorporating fists as sprites means I couldn't auto/alt map it). I'll probably keep the minimalist black tileset as an unlockable or something.

    alt text

    I also streamlined the HUD, so that you only see the time in the upper corner, and the lives/coins only show up when you lose or get them respectively. My maps play pretty close to the edges, so it was either re-do all the maps, change the whole game's resolution, or make the HUD as unobtrusive as possible, and I went with the latter.

  • Nice additions! Not sure about pink background, I personally hate sudden fast flashes

  • I put together a trailer for Fist's Elimination Tower, and you can watch it here!

  • Fist's Elimination Tower is now on Steam Greenlight! Hopefully I can get in just before Greenlight goes down forever. Click here to vote for it!

  • Whoops, I haven't been updating for a while. Anyway, since last time, the game got greenlit, I redesigned the enemy sprites, improved particle effects (enemies now explode into randomly-chosen chunks of nuts/bolts, money, confetti, etc), and each floor has a time limit. I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of things, which I'll hopefully mention in later posts.

    alt text

    Oh, did I mention that you can play as a horse sometimes?

  • Nice visuals, though horse looks more like a dog to me :-)

  • @starry-abyss Haha, now I'm just reminded of that picture of a dog wearing a horse mask.

    I finished the last pre-launch trailer for the game last week - you can see it here. It quickly goes through a lot of the new things I added to the game, which will hopefully be out later this month!

  • Good luck!

  • I really should be focusing on wrapping up the game, but instead I added a drop button that cancels your jump and also throws confetti (partially as a visual indicator that it happened, partially because it looks really neat). Should make for some interesting speedruns of the game.

    alt text

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