TextField and Android

  • I'm experiencing some issues with using TextField on Android that didn't appear in previous versions.

    whenever I touch a TextField to type, the app exits fullscreen mode on Android and the black Android status bar appears at the top of the mobile covering the top part of the App.

    Also, the return key on the soft keyboard doesn't close the soft keyboard, and I have to touch another part of my app to hide the virtual keyboard.

    Any help would be great!

  • Which previous versions of Android or flixel?

  • It's the same version of Android, so it's not that.

    I think the previous version of flixel must have been only one or two releases before this one, as it was working at the end of last year early this year.

  • @sionco Are you on flixel dev, or which version now?

  • haxelib list gives me:

    flixel: 4.0.1 [4.1.1]

    I believe the active version is in the brackets.


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