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  • Hi guys im a noob just starting to learn Haxeflixel. I was trying to figure out flash punk because that's what the Scott Pilgram vs the world game was made with. I ended up trying to debug old tutorials for the latest version of FlashPunk so that I could then debug them for HaxePunk when I realized HaxeFlixel had a larger userbase with up to date tutorials I could just use without having to debug them. so kudos. anyways:

    Flashdevelop is giving me this error- "Warning: use program path instead" when I compile for neko. but it then compiles and runs just fine.

    I had a previous problem with it not compiling for windows when I figured out I needed to clean out the windows build folder and install proper opengl drivers for my video card. then it worked. i tried that with neko and it didnt help.

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    It's not an error, just a warning. As you said, it compiles and runs just fine, so don't worry about it. ;)

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