Lime, OpenFL, HaxeFlixel, how do they relate to each other and stuff

  • Hey community!

    Newbie here... I just finished reading a book about developing games with Haxe (“Haxe Game Development Essentials” by Jeremy McCurdy) and I’m really impressed with how easy is it to code multi-platform games with Haxe, however I would like to know more about tooling and technical stuff, like for instance how does OpenFL, Lime and HaxeFlixel relate to each other?

    I’ve found the image below for OpenFL, but I’d like something more updated for HaxeFlixel, with information about all target platforms and the technologies involved.

    alt text

    About tooling, I’d like to know what are the most used tools for developing games with HaxeFlixel, like IDEs, level or scene editors, third party SDKs, etc.

    Also I'm taking a look at libGDX, and have developed before with Cocos2d-x, both have level editors like Overlap2d and CocosCreator (formerly known as Fireball), those editors are open source and cross-platform and in theory could be used to build a HaxeFlixel editor. So, are there any plans for something similar for HaxeFlixel?

    Any help or comment is appreciated,

  • Try this

    And if you can, post your feedback here. I'm interested too ;-)

  • @rraallvv pretty much HaxeFlixel just sits atop OpenFL.


  • WOW! They’ve put together the HaxeFlixel runtime for Overlap2d in just three days, that's impressive. I’m definitely trying it out, I’ll post here my experiences, thanks @starry-abyss.

    Thanks for the list of development tools @IBwWG, so HaxeFlixel uses the the OpenFL API, thanks for the info.

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