NeonVector demo crashes

  • Demo builds sucessfully but crashes upon opening, with the following error:

    Sound.hx:119: Error: Could not load "music/Music.mp3"
    AL lib: (EE) alc_cleanup: 1 device not closed
    Error opening sound file, unsupported type.
    Error opening sound data
    Invalid operation (/)

    Is the demo broken or am I doing something wrong? Searched in the forum but couldn't find any related posts

  • administrators

    Good catch, I get the same. This is caused by trying to use .mp3 files on Neko, which are not supported there (should use .ogg instead). Try building for Flash, that'll work.

    Can you open an issue about this here? This should be fixed.

  • Sorry, forgot to specify which platform I was targeting!

    I replaced the .mp3 files for .ogg ones, but the game still crashes upon opening the neko binary, now with the following error:

    export/windows/neko/haxe/ApplicationMain.hx:205: characters 57-75 : Warning : Use programPath instead
    export/windows/neko/haxe/ApplicationMain.hx:80: characters 47-65 : Warning : Use programPath instead
    AL lib: (EE) alc_cleanup: 1 device not closed
    Invalid operation (+)
    Called from ScreenState::update line 141
    Called from flixel.FlxState::tryUpdate line 168
    Called from flixel.FlxGame::update line 750
    Called from flixel.FlxGame::step line 674
    Called from flixel.FlxGame::onEnterFrame line 547
    Called from line 98
    Called from openfl._legacy.display.DisplayObject::__dispatchEvent line 182
    Called from openfl._legacy.display.DisplayObject::__broadcast line 161
    Called from openfl._legacy.display.DisplayObjectContainer::__broadcast line 286
    Called from openfl._legacy.display.Stage::__render line 1103
    Called from openfl._legacy.display.Stage::__checkRender line 351
    Called from openfl._legacy.display.Stage::__pollTimers line 1084
    Called from openfl._legacy.display.Stage::__doProcessStageEvent line 430
    [Finished in 4.0s]

    I'm not too familiar with github but I'll try to open an issue.

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