Help setting up HaxeFlixel

  • So... as requested by the site I have installed Haxe 3 and OpenFL and I am sure they are working properly. I then used this command line in prompt: haxelib install flixel and finaly I have downloaded the .zip "flixel-master", altough I don't know what I should do with it.

    When I try to create a project with the line: flixel tpl -n "HelloWorld"
    I end up getting this on command prompt: alt text

    What am I doing wrong?

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    To be able to use the "flixel" command, you need to setup flixel-tools:

  • Oh... thank you very much, Mr. Gama11. Would it be properly to use Visual Code with HaxeFlixel or I am going to have problems/lose something if I do not use Sublime?

  • Actually, HaxeDevelop is the most stable and mature IDE for Haxe at the moment. So if you don't know which to choose, go for it.

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