A Wicked Curse

  • I love the direction of this! Sounds like it'll be pretty addictive!

  • I think the art-style is awesome. It's so cute! Looks like a lot of fun :D

  • The art is fantastic. Can't speak for the game because obviously it hasn't been released yet. Please keep us updated!

  • This looks great, Any plans to release a little build that we can mess with?

  • Thanks for all of the kind words. There should be a playable build sometime in the future, I'm just not sure when :slight_smile:

  • administrators

    I've been coming across screenshots on Twitter... Looks fun! Keep it up!

  • Thanks for the kind words @nospoone .

    I've spent the last few days implementing the equipment and enchantment systems, so I don't have much to show. However, here's a screenshot of the new look for the woods area, where the game starts:

    alt text

    Ignore that Robin Hood portrait, it's still a WIP.

  • It's been some time since I updated this devlog. I wish I had more to show, but I've been mostly coding the game's various systems.

    Here's a GIF of the game's title screen, with save files:
    Title Screen

    Next, we have a new, high-def logo:

    Third, here's a glimpse at the whale's belly dungeon, with cameos from the mini-alligator, oyster and jellyfish enemies:
    Whale dungeon

    Lastly, a door in action in the whale's belly:

    That's it for now. :smile:

  • I've been coding a lot of the UI lately, but took a break to clean up the game's intro area where you can buy upgrades and/or equipment. Here's a look at it, sans the shops, with the game's loading screen towards the end:

    alt text

    Ignore the sloppy Robin Hood textbox. That hasn't been touched up yet.

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