Trail effect by default

  • Hello,

    I have started a new project with Flixel. So far I only have a falling object. It is just an FlxSprite with a rectangle created with makeGraphic(40, 15, FlxColor.BROWN). I give it an acceleration and a maxVelocity to move it from top to bottom. However, it has a trail effect as shown below, and even there's not many objects in the state, it seems to have frame skips. I know that this effect may occur because of transparent background. I set it with this.bgColor = 0x5599ffff, so it is fully opaque.

    trail issue

    I build for html5 target with debug option. I run it with firefox.

    How can I avoid this effect? Is frame skip normal at this stage?

  • administrators

    Could you provide some code that reproduces the issue?

  • I reproduced it with this code:

    class Main extends Sprite
    	public function new()
    		addChild(new FlxGame(0, 0, ReproduceState));
    class ReproduceState extends FlxState
    	private var fallSprite:FlxSprite;
    	override public function create():Void 
    		bgColor = 0x5599ffff;
    		fallSprite = new FlxSprite(300, 0);
    		fallSprite.makeGraphic(30, 30, FlxColor.BROWN);
    		fallSprite.acceleration.set(150, 300);
    		fallSprite.maxVelocity.set(150, 300);

    Edit: I couldn't reproduce the frame skip issue with this code.

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    0x5599ffff is not fully opaque, colors are in ARGB format. The trail disappears with 0xFF99ffff.

  • I think he messed up the hex code
    The color hex code's format is 0xAARRGGBB not 0xRRGGBBAA

  • administrators

    @DleanJeans How is that different from what I said? ;)

  • Oh thanks, I missed that :o

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