Hi-res sprites and backgrounds at lower resolutions

  • Hi, I believe it's not HaxeFlixel-specific question, but anyway:
    Say, I have a game at 1920x1080 pixels with all sprites and stuff drawn for that resolution.
    Now I want to run it on 1366x768 pixels, but keeping the original zoom. Graphics would look poorer, wouldn't they?
    Have you got any practices how to achieve best look, both HaxeFlixel-wise and artist-wise? Apart from moving to vector or 3D-vis

  • In the project.xml file, in the first window tag where you establish the dimensions, you can throw in an antialiasing="4" - you can also set other high-res sprites to be anti-aliased, but I've only briefly experimented with this, so I'm more or less here to say I won't be of much help, but it's possible, and someone will probably reply later on with something more helpful than I will.

  • I was wondering the same thing. My game looks fairly terrible in anything under the HD I designed it for. I hadn't known about the antialiasing option but I should give that a try....except you say it won't be of much help @Kyatt ? I don't understand...

  • Are you creating your FlxGame with a 1920x1080 base resolution as gameWidth/gameHeight? Go to your Main.hx and make sure your gameWidth/gameHeight are set up as your high res base and model your game around that

    My game is currently using 1920x1080 as base and then scaling to a 1280x720 window (1280x720 set up as window size in project.xml) and it still looks great. At much lower resolutions the text and some sprites get real choppy but that's some extreme cases like 640x360

  • @zkylon I am at least. I have it set to fullscreen, but where it doesn't look so great is if your desktop res is different, or you un-fullscreen it with alt+enter (in Windows.)

  • @IBwWG No, I was saying that I wouldn't be of much further help, since I haven't done much with it (as my avatar might suggest, I focus more on pixel art).

  • Thanks, guys, I'm starting to believe it's not that terrible!

  • @Kyatt Yikes, I read that twice as "it" instead of "I". Thanks for clarifying :)

  • @IBwWG hmm, that's strange. I'm not noticing any difference when going back and forth between fullscreen/windowed (I'm base 1920x1080 downscaled to 1280x720 windowed, then 1920x1200 on fullscreen since I'm on a 16:10 monitor)

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