Replay not playing.

  • How to get the replay, the recorded movements to play. the code below records and then saves the recorded movements to file but does not play.

    	private static var recording:Bool = false;
    	private static var replaying:Bool = false;
    if (FlxG.keys.anyPressed(["R"]) && recording) FlxG.vcr.stopRecording(true);
    if (FlxG.keys.anyPressed(["S"]) && !recording && !replaying) {recording = true; replaying = false; FlxG.vcr.startRecording(true); };
    if (FlxG.keys.anyPressed(["L"])) {replaying = false; FlxG.vcr.loadReplay("assets/data/replay.fgr", new PlayState());}

    without any key input, i also tried recording with a reg int that included in value when the program started so that it fired only once and saving to file when an object was collected. nothing happened.

  • administrators

    loadReplay() expects the raw file content as a String, not a file path. You can see an example of this in Mode:

    You need to use openfl.Assets.getText() on your file path.

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