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  • I've a project or two that I'd prefer to work in an older version of flixel. I thought for a bit, that the older versions where deleted and removed once you upgraded, however, this is not the case, I think.

    So. instead of using the current version, is there a way to use earlier versions still for older projects that need older versions? Without switching the overall dependency over to the newest version?

    Say one project uses version 3.x and another uses 4.x?

    How can I do this?

    If it helps, I am using FlashDevelop.

  • http://old.haxe.org/doc/haxelib/using_haxelib
    haxelib install project-name [version] .
    so to install flixel: [3.3.8], you would type... haxelib install flixel 3.3.8 at the command line.

    If you have multiple versions installed you can switch between them with haxelib set flixel 4.0.1 etc

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    You can also set the version attribute in the Project.xml:

    <haxelib name="flixel" version="3.3.11" />

    This will override whatever version is active right now.

  • @Gama11 Ah ha! I was looking for something like that. Thanks!

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