Playing mp4/flv videos in a FlxState

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to create an opening cutscene for a game I'm making, and have been having trouble finding the best way to do it. I could make it a sprite sheet with an animation but that seems annoying and sloppy. So I wanted to try and import a video but there doesn't seem to be clear documentation on how to do it. Heres what I have so far:

    import flixel.FlxG;
    import flixel.FlxSprite;
    import flixel.FlxState;
    import flixel.text.FlxText;
    import flixel.ui.FlxButton;
    import flixel.math.FlxMath;
    function playMovie():Void{
    	var screen = new Video();
    	var connection = new NetConnection();
    	var stream = new NetStream(connection);
    	screen = new Video(160,120);
    	trace(" Now playing movie1.flv ");"/assets/videos/movie.flv");

    And It compiles but when i run it I get this:

    transit-185:FinalAlchemist dan$ lime test neko
    export/mac64/neko/haxe/ApplicationMain.hx:205: characters 57-75 : Warning : Use programPath instead
    2016-09-14 19:55:24.403 FinalAlchemist[3704:129105] 19:55:24.402 WARNING:  140: This application, or a library it uses, is using the deprecated Carbon Component Manager for hosting Audio Units. Support for this will be removed in a future release. Also, this makes the host incompatible with version 3 audio units. Please transition to the API's in AudioComponent.h.
    Invalid call
    Called from Level0.hx line 39
    Called from Level0.hx line 27
    Called from flixel/FlxState.hx line 168
    Called from flixel/FlxGame.hx line 750
    Called from flixel/FlxGame.hx line 674
    Called from flixel/FlxGame.hx line 541
    Called from openfl/_legacy/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 98
    Called from a C function
    Called from openfl/_legacy/display/DisplayObject.hx line 161
    Called from a C function
    Called from openfl/_legacy/display/DisplayObjectContainer.hx line 286
    Called from openfl/_legacy/display/Stage.hx line 1103
    Called from openfl/_legacy/display/Stage.hx line 351
    Called from openfl/_legacy/display/Stage.hx line 1084
    Called from openfl/_legacy/display/Stage.hx line 430
    AL lib: (EE) alc_cleanup: 1 device not closed 

    While looking for answers in the API, I tried finding documentation for but I couldn't find anything. I did come across but for some reason when I try to import it I get this error:

    transit-185:FinalAlchemist dan$ lime test neko
    source/Level0.hx:11: characters 7-29 : Type not found :
    source/MenuState.hx:10: lines 10-22 : Defined in this class

    What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way to do this or a way to do it with a .mp4 file?

    Im using:
    actuate: [1.8.7]
    box2d: [1.2.3]
    flixel-addons: [2.1.0]
    flixel-demos: [2.2.0]
    flixel-templates: [2.0.2]
    flixel-tools: [1.1.3]
    flixel-ui: [2.1.0]
    flixel: [4.1.1]
    hxcpp: [3.3.49]
    layout: [1.2.1]
    lime-samples: [2.6.0]
    lime: [2.9.1] 3.1.0
    openfl-samples: [4.0.0]
    openfl: [3.6.1] 4.1.0
    polygonal-core: [1.0.4]
    polygonal-ds: [2.0.0-beta]
    polygonal-gl: [1.0.4]
    polygonal-motor: [0.2.0]
    polygonal-printf: [1.0.2-beta]
    polygonal-ui: [1.0.2]
    swf: [2.2.4]
    tmx: [0.2.0]

    Thank You!

  • I guess it's only available on Flash target since it's in the flash package

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