Performance on windows with integrated graphics.

  • I was testing a prototype for my game on my dedicated graphics card this went very well. But on integrated graphics with only a few sprites and calculations the fps already went below 60 fps. Of course you want your game to be playable on as many systems as possible. So my question is am I overlooking something or is the performance not so good on integrated graphics for Haxeflixel. I also made a similar setup for game maker and with only integrated graphics it was able to get around 180 fps.

  • @TGM-11
    Is your integrated GPU an Intel? Intel GPUs have a known issue handling vsync, so you might want to try disabling it, by editing your build settings

    <window if="cpp" vsync="false" />

  • Indeed, I have an Intel integrated GPU. But changing vsync doesn't seem to affect the framerate. Is there maybe some way to change the vsync in code?

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