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  • Will there be a dedicated place to discuss forum itself?
    I have a few observations:

    1. When you change picture in profile, the unsaved text fields of profile are reset
    2. When you click emoticon button in editor:
      a) it takes a while to load
      b) you can open multiple emoticon windows
      c) bottom part of window is hidden under editor
      d) text representation of emoticons is sorted horizontally, row after row (which I've only seen in Windows 7 Control panel in Classic mode, and it's awful)
    3. When you view someone's profile the textual description is tiny
    4. Can I hide email from public profile?

    That's it for now, thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

    1. Have not tested this but sounds like the upload submits to itself rather than using an Ajax process would need to be raised with NodeBB
    2. Fancy notes below :smile: (You can also just put : and get an inline view of emoticons)
      a) Load time seems fine for me it is almost instant
      b) Yes you can... Not sure why though might be worth opening a bug with NodeBB
      c) This is actually mildly annoying and resizing the editor pane doesn't help
      d) I kind of like it, I guess what is needed is a tooltip so it shows on hover
    3. Text description seems for me when viewing other profiles, Might be worth getting more people to check.
    4. Yes by default it is hidden, You can opt to show it and some other bits under Settings > Privacy

    a) For me in Firefox it takes 3-4 seconds to open each time, but inline ones are instant
    d) Why? Vertical, column after column is by far more convenient to me :/

    1. It looks for me this way in Firefox:

    2. Checked privacy settings, it's disabled there, but look at the picture above (yes, I registered and logged in via GitHub)

  • @starry-abyss Put the mouse over the icon next to your email ;) when viewing your own profile you can see all your information but others can't.


    I think the text at the bottom is meant to be smaller as part of the design but the actual profile text you can set yourself is a bit bigger. The emoticon table will probably change at some point, just need to work out who is in control and ask them to modify it a bit if possible. I always use the inline option which gives you a similar experience to Slack and Discord so it is like second nature for me.

  • OK, thanks!

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