Repel Ball - Pong meets Juice it or Lose it






  • Hi,
    This my very first game I've been working on. It's simply Pong with some juice inspired by Juice it or Lose it.

    Some Features:

    • Faces
    • 1 - 4 balls
    • 2 Powerups (more coming)
    • Simple AI


    • 8 colors
    • Ball Trail
    • Screenshake
    • Paddle Stretch
    • Ball Particles
    • Glitch (screen flash)

  • The game is in portrait mode since it was originally designed for an mobile game compo which I used as real deadline.

    Lastest screenshots:


    I've made the paddles go :o "Ooh!" when you switch the color :D

    #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #haxeflixel


    Adding juicy stuff to Pong

    Engine: @HaxeFlixel
    #saturdayscreenshot #gamedev #indiedev #haxeflixel

  • Something new added/changed since the last time

    • Flat Powerup Graphic
    • Click-to-spawn Powerup
    • Pause to emphasize Powerup and Goal
    • Notification
    • Some fixes for Powerup collision
    • Watermark (because of this)
    • And some other stuff for making the development and testing easier

    I'm having some problems with game design regarding: powerup spawning, powerup lifespan, ball speed, etc...

    New screenshot


    Added slow-mo and click-to-spawn to test the game
    #gamedev #indiedev #haxeflixel

    alt text

  • Changes

    • New Powerup! Speed Boost
    • Make sure ball clones from powerups won't be > 90 degrees to the walls (or they would be hard for the player or go very slow vertically)

    Regarding Game Design problems mentioned last week

    • Balanced Powerup lifespan
    • Increase Ball Speed and Paddle Speed every 10 seconds
    • Powerups are now spawned in waves
      • Previously a single powerup spawned every few seconds
      • Spawned in 8 waves per minute


    • A friend in my class asked to play my game :D (it seemed to be too hard for him :P)
    • Two others have asked for Local Multiplayer mode (that sounds like a lot of work for me)


    New Powerup: Speed Boost (Orange)

    #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #haxeflixel

    alt text

  • really cool stuff

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