Slow motion at low frame rate

  • I use "new FlxGame(320, 240, PlayState, 1, 60, 60)" for my HaxeFlixel game (dev branch, c561696).

    I noticed that when I run my game with (for example) many colliders, or at slow targets, FPS counter in debugger shows ~30 FPS, and the game becomes slowed down (like all movement and sprite frame animations are slow motion).

    But when I explicitly change the rate to 60, 30 in FlxGame constructor, the slow target (for example, Android) is running at normal speed (and FPS counter in debugger shows ~15-20 FPS). When the rate is or 30, 30, I get both normal speed and FPS (~30).
    I expect the 60, 60 mode to act the same as 60, 30 one.

    Any ideas how to eliminate slow motion without limiting FPS to 30?

  • You can set FlxG.fixedTimestep to false and your game will lag instead of running in slow motion.

  • @DleanJeans Set FlxG.fixedTimestep to false prior to FlxGame construction.
    It's seems a bit faster, and raises FPS to ~30-35, but still not normal speed :/

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