Beat Nebula (Win/Mac)

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    I felt that I had one more jam game left in me before I resumed development on Fist's Elimination Tower, so I made Beat Nebula, a game that's designed to be played with either the Donkey Konga bongo controller or the Taiko Drum Master controller (in fact, there are two playable characters, each of whom wields one such instrument). It's a pretty bare bones game, partially because it controls with only 2 buttons, and part because I only had a week to make it and I spent way too much time on the title/menu art. If you don't have the right drum controller and adapter, it can also be played via keyboard - it's not as fun that way.

    Download Beat Nebula for free on here!

  • nice one!. btw what software do u use to draw the image? i want to learn about drawing too for game but i cant even draw a stick man in computer :(

  • Unless you like to draw vector art, I can't really help you but if you do then you can use Inkscape and follow these tutorials.
    There's more of them here.

  • thanks for suggestion djean. is inkscape easy? telling the truth i already know inkscape maybe 3 years or 2 years ago.. i always download inkscape. but never use it.. bahaha i ever try ubuntu, arch linux, and some other linux distro i always download inkscape and gimp but never use it. xD

  • See it yourself: The video version

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