'onComplete' callback [solved]

  • Hi, I must be doing something wrong here. I'm trying to add a callback to a FlxSound's loadEmbedded:

    var introSound:FlxSound = new FlxSound();
    introSound.loadEmbedded(introName, false, false, onCompleteIntro(player));
    private function onCompleteIntro(player:FlxSprite):Void

    But it's giving me this error, and I don't understand why:

    Void should be Null<Void -> Void>
    Void should be Void -> Void
    For optional function argument 'OnComplete'

    Anybody knows what am I doing wrong?

  • You're supposed to bind(), you were calling the function hence Void

    introSound.loadEmbedded(introName, false, false, onCompleteIntro.bind(player));

  • Thanks! It's working now!

    Here is some more information I found, if somebody is having the same problem:

  • It's also documented in the official Haxe manual: Function Bindings

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