HaxeFlixel and Intellij IDEA

  • Hi!

    I'm facing several issues on idea.

    First one: How to build flixel from source ? Can't figure it out =( It says that the project have't MainClass. I have to run some custom script ? How to build it manually from unix terminal ?

    Second one: IDE marks some symbols and words as error like this FlxG.keys.anyPressed([DOWN, S]). S marked as unresolved type and IDE offers me to add import haxe.xml.Parser.S to resolve it. Still it works fine when ignored, just annoying. I use idea haxe plugin. Any way to fix this ?

    Thanks for any help !

  • You should build Flixel projects like OpenFl ones. Using Project.xml and something like lime test windows.
    Flixel itself doesn't require building prior to project. Lime does, though.

  • Did you initiate the project with flixel-tools configured to IDEA? If so everything should be already set up properly.
    If not run "haxelib run flixel-tools setup" and chose the IDEA option in the end so the next project initiate propaly. Use "haxelib run flixel-tools configure <project_directory> -ide idea " to set the IDEA projeto for you.

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