Auto Tile Arrangement

  • So I've found some free tiles on the interwebs that I like and want to use for a game. I am trying to do some random map generation like Mode does. However, when I plug in the following tile set:


    It all comes out looking like, well, garbage. None of the tiles are placed correctly like I think they might should be. So that presents a problem.

    Should I arrange these tiles EXACTLY like the Mode demo does?
    If not, how should I arrange these tiles?

    Any ideas?

  • Yes, you need to layout your tiles to match the tile templates that are in HaxeFlixel already.

    The code doesn't know what each tile is, it just knows that the tile in position X should be used if certain other tiles are nearby, etc.

    Alternately, you can write up your own auto-tiling logic by making your own FlxBaseTilemap, but that gets really complicated, really fast.

  • Herm. All righty thaks!

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