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  • Hi all!

    I was a participant in the Google group for a while and just learned about the new (to me) forums recently. Looks great!

    Anyway, I'm curious..is there any good FMOD implementation for HaxeFlixel (or any other dynamic audio system?) In particular for playing layers of sound individually..I don't mind writing a solution myself and started doing this a while ago (I believe it was @Gama11 that was nice enough to expose some important data including timestamps from FlxSound in Haxeflixel) but there were some issues or bugs (can't remember exactly what the issue was, this was a year or two ago).

    I guess my question is...has anybody done this or found a good implementation of an existing library? I haven't kept up with things since about HaxeFlixel v3), does anybody know if haxeflixel has better support now for a roll your own solution?



  • There are bindings for Haxe, they don't look complex, but I didn't try them yet:


  • Ahh, cool. That may be helpful, I'll have to look into figuring out how to wrap that to work seamlessly with HaxeFlixel. Thanks!

  • Worth noting that FMOD won't work on Flash and HTML5 targets though

  • @starry-abyss ah, good point, I didn't realize that (going to start looking at this in depth tonight). That shouldn't be a problem for this particular project, which will target c++ and possibly mobile, but I'll have to keep that in mind in the future. Now I've gotta start digging into how to extend Haxeflixel to play nice with this and integrate it seamlessly (have never really done this or thought about how to do it, suppose I start with FlxObject.) Thanks for the heads up!

    (edit: Nevermind, I'm diving in now and building OpenFL extensions to use external bindings like this is new territory, although I had always planned on learning it at some point. Time to research!)

  • Just wanted to leave a quick update here; the bindings work great as is! Took me a little while to get it set up and figure out where everything goes, but it works very well! I may post my example haxeflixel project sometime to help people out, but I think I'll wait until I have a little time to actually integrate it into flixel.

  • @christiancoler Are you still making games 4 years later? The FMOD bindings are very out of date and the examples in the project are just plain wrong. I went through and got a patched up project working on my own and may make a more up-to-date-ish version of that repo with real examples in it unless you already have something that you could share.

  • @shadoninja I am very interested in this

  • @shadoninja @sodap hey! So weird, I haven't been here in ages but happened to stumble back here today, didn't even realize there were new comments.

    Yep, still making stuff, but haven't used FMOD in combination with HaxeFlixel in quite a while so I'm guessing my projects would probably be out of date and non functional as well. I'll have to take a look at some old projects sometime this week, but definitely share a link if you decide to upload some new examples. I'm curious to see how my projects break/what changed

  • I have started to get the library working for up-to-date versions of Haxe and FMOD Studio. I successfully converted all audio on my recent Ludum Dare 46 game over to the FMOD sound engine. The version of the game linked here isn't the FMOD version because I didn't want to go through the process of re-mixing all the sound, but that game shows off the baseline I was using as I updated and tested the library:

    Github Project
    Haxelib Page

  • @tanz0rz I've been trying this and it works flawlessly so far! thanks!

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