Collision and overlap in a tilemap problem.

  • Hi, im new to haxeflixel ( and programming mostly) and im stuck with a problem in a TD game im trying to create.

    Im trying to spawn enemies from _spawn, find a path to _player, and get killed once they touch _player. Up to this point, eveything was fine, but when i added a tilemap flxg.overlap and flxg.collide either don't work, or break the tilemap.

    my problem

    I've noticed overlap gets called every frame, so it's checking collision with the map itself i believe, not with the Player entity.The .kill() method is also breaking it in other version of this same problem (calling a die function in the Enemy class, wich is just super.kill();).

    So my question is, how do i check for collision between _enemy (wich comes from a group) and _player in my situation? Is there a simple answer that im missing?

    Im being flagged as spam when i try to post code or links, so ive put some of my code here: and here

    Thank you for reading my problem guys.

  • The problem is you don't add new enemy to enemyGroup.

    Hold on! I'm on my phone and I'm writing a more detailed answer.

  • Thank you for the quick reply man, sorry i cant put more links or code, im being flagged spammer when i try, lol.

    I thought i added enemies here:

    	var enemies = new FlxTypedGroup<Enemy>();
    	_enemy = enemies.recycle(Enemy);
    	_enemy.setPosition(_spawner.getPosition().x, _spawner.getPosition().y);

    • Take a look at the first block of code in spawnEnemy()
    		//enemy group
    		var enemies = new FlxTypedGroup<Enemy>();
    		_enemy = enemies.recycle(Enemy);

    You already have enemyGroup, you don't need to create a new enemy group anymore.

    Hence it should be

    		// var enemies = new FlxTypedGroup<Enemy>(); delete this
    		_enemy = enemyGroup.recycle(Enemy);
    • And at the third block:
    		add(_enemy); // this only adds the enemy to the state not enemyGroup
    		_spawnCounter = 0;
    		trace("enemy spawned");

    Replace the first line with:

    • For all of that to work, you forgot/need to add this in create():
    enemyGroup = new FlxTypedGroup<Enemy>()

  • I tried it and it works perfectly!!

    Seriously thank you so much for using up your time to explain this to me, now it seems so simple, haha.

  • By the way:

    _spawnCounter +=;
    if (_enemiesToSpawn > 0 && _spawnCounter > _spawninterval * FlxG.updateFramerate )

    Maybe you want:

    _spawnCounter += elapsed; // _spawnCounter need to be Float
    if (_enemiesToSpawn > 0 && _spawnCounter > 2) // spawn every 2 seconds for example
    • FlxG.timeScale is used to change the speed of the game and it's 1 by default.

    • New forum users can't post many posts in a short time.

  • I wanted to have a fast foward like Defenders Quest, so i thought that linking spawn rate to framerate was the way to go.

    Am i overthinking it (its a solution from the TD demo)? Maybe seconds is simpler, i'll try it out. Thank you.

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