Highrisers - now on Kickstarter

  • Hi everyone,

    we've been working working for almost 3 years now on Highrisers, an Urban Survival RPG made in flixel.
    Our kickstarter campaign has been running for two weeks now and things look quite good.

    We've been featured by Kickstarter in their "Projects we love" category; yesterday, we've been greenlit on Steam, so yeah... fingers crossed!

    About the game:

    You control a team of four survivors, which have survived a mysterious calamity that has wiped mankind from the face of the earth and replaced them with zombie-like dreamers; shade-loving creatures that dwell in the dimly lit urban canyons.
    The gameplay consists of those elements:

    Scavenging resources



    Combat (best done in teamwork)

    For the lighting, I've used the techniques described in my post here.

    So, if you're into that kind of gameplay, please check it out. We've invested quite some effort to make our trailer videos fancy , which you can see on the kickstarter page, but also here:

    Kickstarter Release Trailer
    Character Introduction Trailer - Ike
    Character Introduction Trailer - Jes

    So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
    Hope you like it. If you really fancy it, we are still struggling to get enough visibility, so every share on FB, Twitter or wherever would be much appreciated!
    Thanks! ♥

    -Nico from Solar Powered Games

  • looks very cool

    good luck!

  • Thank you, zyklon. And thanks for all the support in social media and on kickstarter!

    We've just added a new video, introducing another character - Ann, the scientist.

    Portrait of Ann

    Also some new reward options!

    Hope you like it!

  • Hey everyone!

    Today is the final day of the kickstarter, so if you haven't looked yet, now is the time! ;)

    We've added new character info and a video of Mo, the construction worker

    Portrait of Mo from Highrisers

    Thanks everyone! And thanks to the great community that helps keeping this wonderful framework alive and blossoming!

  • So, we're still alive and still developing on this project! :D
    At the moment, you can play the Highrisers demo for free during the Steam Games Festival - check it out:


    Highrisers Demo on the Steam Game Festival

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