sh: code: command not found

  • I most recently encountered this when trying to follow the instructions on this page -

    $:flixel template -n 'VSCodeTest' -ide vscode
    Compiling the project once...
    Created template at:
    sh: code: command not found

    But I've encountered it several times in the process of getting started with Haxe & Flixel.

    I'm on a Mac running OS 10.11.6 (15G31) aka El Capitan.

  • administrators

    Looks like it just fails to open the template in VSCode after creating it (code is not in the PATH). Other than that, it should still work fine (just open the project manually from VSCode).

  • What does code refer to? I can add it to the path, just not sure what it is in reference to.

  • administrators

    The Visual Studio Code executable is called code.

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