Adjusting Timer

  • I've had this feature for a few games but it's been a while and I can't seem to find it.

    Basically what happens is this:

    A timer is ticking down to 0.
    When the timer hits 0, a function is called.
    THEN after the timer hits 0, the timer is reset.

    HOWEVER, instead of being reset to it's old original time, each time it is reset, it loses a set amount of time. Say the original time was 10. When it resets, instead of 10, it's now 10-3. And it loses time on every reset.

    Can someone do this for me? I can't remember how it's done.


  • Basically like this:

    timer.onComplete = function(timer:FlxTimer) {
        timer.time -= time; // say time = 3

  • Hmm. Why do you need to reset the timer manually? Can you just set the loops parameter to 0 (which means infinite)?

  • @starry-abyss Because I want to slowly increase the rate of enemy spawn. Say instead of every 20 seconds, it's now 18, or 12, or 10, etc.

    @DleanJeans You can make the FlxTimer a public object???

    public var timer:FlxTimer;

    I thought you couldn't?

  • administrators

    @xhunterko Why not?

  • @Gama11 Well. As per the example, and in examples I've seen. The timer is always called like this:

    import flixel.util.FlxTimer;
    // time (seconds), callback, loops
    new FlxTimer().start(10.0, myCallback, 3);
    private function myCallback(Timer:FlxTimer):Void

    So I was not sure how it is called.

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